Creating an Enum

The bread & butter of the library, this command generates an enum for you. Using it is as simple as providing a fully qualified class name and a set of enum values. We'll take a look at creating a classic example of an enum, the four-sided compass. To do so we simply need to execute the appropriate CLI command from the directory in which we installed YAPE:

vendor/bin/yape create-enum YourNamespace\\Enums\\Compass North South East West

If your enum was successfully created the path that it was stored in will be output otherwise an error message will be displayed indicating why your code could not be generated. By default the enum will be stored in ./src/Enums but if this does not work for you the --output-dir|-o option allows you to change the directory, under the current working directory, that the code should be stored in.

Upon successful generation your code will allow for the following code to be executed:

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use YourNamespace\Enums\Compass;

$north = Compass::North();
$south = Compass::South();
$east = Compass::East();
$west = Compass::West();

$values = Compass::values(); // [$north, $south, $east, $west]

$n = Compass::valueOf('North');
$north->equals(Compass::North());  // true
$north->equals($n); // true
$north->equals($south); // false
$north->equals('North'); // false
$north->toString(); // 'North'